Jazz it up with Glitz!


Posted on December 16 2016

No matter how awesome a neckline, it always needs something special to catch the eye of the beholder.  That's why whether wearing a gown, turtleneck sweater, or a top with v-neckline, a necklace for the occasion makes it look special.  Image, you are going to a, prom, academy awards, or whatever the formal occasion might be, you are wearing a grown or cocktail dress, without the proper accessories, it's just a dress no matter who the designer.  Why, because it is missing something, and that something is the jewels befitting a princess or queen.  I've noticed over the last several years, to my dismay, female celebrities are not displaying jewelry.  For me personally, a gown without a gorgeous piece of jewelry seems to be missing its mate.  Like in the old days of Hollywood when a stunning pair of earrings, or necklace that captured the radiant glow on a celebrity's face.  After all "Glitz" done right is what makes the designer gowns even more special. For me personally, if I am wearing an outstanding pair of earrings for a special occasion, I avoid wearing a necklace because the earrings are my statement piece. Take a look a some of my more dazzling earrings.  For those casual times, I like wearing more low-key jewelry, for instance, the multi-color drop glass bead necklace on a v-neck top; or a bold piece on a turtle neck sweater.  It makes you feel complete and ready to go.  Because you never know where the day will take you.  But, you're ready to catch a last minute lunch with a friend, or stopping for coffee. It's just "Jazzy". It's classy, it's your style statement!  Have fun, Marilyn, owner of Lexis Boutique and Design Studio, feel free to comment or send me your ideas

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